A summer of sport is well under way at National Trust Trelissick, with family activities to enjoy in both the garden and the house.

Visitors to the estate on the River Fal, near Feock, will also have the chance to discover how the families who lived here before spent their summers playing sports and sailing the waters around them.

Throughout August and September there are a whole host of activities, games and sports on offer.

In the house, the history of outdoor pursuits at Trelissick is explored. Vintage home films from the 1930s reveal how those at Trelissick spent their time sailing and enjoying other watersports during the summer.

Thanks to a collaboration with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, this sailing history has been brought into the house for a more intimate look.

The sail boat Daisy Belle, built in 1885, has been loaned to Trelissick by the museum and has been installed in the house.

A collection of sports equipment from the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century is also on display.

With games of tennis underway just outside the room’s windows visitors can take in the display of rackets a century old. There’s also an old bow with a quiver of arrows to inspire visitors to take part in archery on Mondays through the summer holidays, 12 noon to 3pm.

The heavy wooden equipment on display is a far stretch from the lightweight modern equivalents – yet the enjoyment they bring remains much the same.

Visit the website for further details at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/trelissick