Porthleven-based eco packaging company Flexi-Hex has just won major investment which will enable the small Cornish firm to grow and develop their plastic-free innovations.

This year, Sky Ocean Ventures and Innovate UK – which is the Government’s innovation agency - announced a £6m joint funding commitment in the global battle against plastic pollution. Flexi-Hex were one of the first 10 UK companies to be funded under the commitment.

Flexi-Hex launched in 2018 is run by twin brothers Will and Sam Boex who initially developed the packaging for the surf industry in response to their concern for the increasing amount of harmful plastics found in the marine environment.

“The investment from Sky Ocean Ventures and Innovate UK has provided us with a huge opportunity to develop our plastic free packaging products and respond to market demand,” said Will Boex.

“We are initially concentrating on developing new products for the e commerce bottle industry before exploring the opportunities for replacing plastic packaging in other industries.”

Brother Sam added: “As a packaging designer I can see many opportunities to replace single use plastics in packaging with simple sustainable materials and innovative design. The backing from Sky and the Government will now enable us to get these new solutions quickly to market and give companies and consumers alternatives to using traditional single use plastic”.

Other companies that were selected include Choose Water who have created biodegradable water bottles and packaging made from seaweed, right through to an ingenious way of reducing the plastic microfibre waste that comes from the clothes we wear – by developing clothes that grow with children.

Launched in March 2018, Sky Ocean Ventures is a £25m impact investment fund committed to accelerating young companies and entrepreneurs who are developing ideas that can help turn off the plastics tap. It’s part of Sky’s Bigger Picture initiative and is the solutions arm of the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, which shines a spotlight on the issues that affect ocean health and inspires behaviour change.

For more information: www.flexi-hex.com and https://www.skygroup.sky/corporate/media-centre/articles/en-gb/sky-ocean-ventures-invests-in-10-innovative-uk-businesses-fighting-the-plastics-epidemic