Rowe's Cornish Bakers has opened a new shop in Redruth town tentre.

After purchasing the old Barclays Bank and, with heavy investment, a brand new looking shop has been unveiled which has a modern contemporary feel, whilst still acknowledging Redruth's Mining Heritage.

Peter Grenfell, retail area manager, said: We, as a company, are proud of the fact that we’ve invested heavily into an historic town and, hope to continue with this style with new ventures that we have in mind. We are currently working on our next project which, is based at Chiverton Cross (part of Claude Holman Van Sales) and, this again, will be a huge financial investment.

The main feature of the shop is the unique bi-folding windows and a huge photo image of Redruth Town along one wall from 1953. It also has rustic tables with a tip to the mining heritage of the town.