THE Blades and the AeroSuperBatic Wingwalkers have both had to cancel their performances at the planned Falmouth Air Show this evening.

The weather means that neither team has been able to take off and fly to Falmouth.

Three aerobatic display teams were due to fly in an hour-long show above Falmouth Bay, beginning at 5.45pm.

On the bill were The Blades, AeroSuperBatic Wingwalkers and The Strikemaster Pair.

The Strikemaster Pair are still performing, although they were due to begin at the later time of 6.10pm due to visibility issues.

Organisers have been keeping an eye on the conditions all day.

The Blades were the first to pull out just before 4pm, with a Falmouth Week spokesperson saying: "All three display teams are in three different locations and The Blades are not able to take off from their current location due to weather.

"We are working closely with the Strikemaster Pair and WingWalkers to create an air show, albeit a shorter display than previously planned."

However the WingWalkers cancelled at the last minute as visibility and wind were too poor for them to take off from Bodmin.

It was due to be the second time that The Blades had flown into Falmouth, following a display in 2012.

The event is part of Falmouth Week, which runs until Sunday.

You can see the programme here.