Climate rebels have carried out a second demonstration less than a week after they hung pink flags on more than 200 boats.

This time it was the ‘Red Rebel Brigade’ who sailed into Falmouth, in a bid to highlight the climate emergency.

They arrived onboard a 30ft timber boat, flying an Extinction Rebellion banner made by artists from Porthmeor Studios in St Ives.

In a statement issued afterwards, the Red Rebel Brigade were described as symbolising the blood of the earth, in an echo of the Victorian tradition of mute - hired mourners who expressed grief for those who had died.

Their journey through the Falmouth’s harbour took them through boats still bearing the pink flags that were raised under the cover of darkness by ‘pirate rebels’ from Extinction Rebellion last Friday into Saturday, to display slogans such as “Act now” and “Your planet needs you”.

This latest action formed part of the organisation’s ‘The Seas Are Rising And So Are We’ campaign, under the hashtag #wearetheboat.

Falmouth Packet:

Photo: James Pearce

The Red Rebel Brigade also said they were honouring the departure of 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg as she set sail to America from Plymouth, on a two-week crossing of the Atlantic in a carbon-neutral boat.

The protestors said: “The red brigade symbolises the common blood we share with all species, that unifies us and makes us one. As such we move as one, act as one and more importantly feel as one. We are unity and we empathise with our surroundings.

“We are sympathetic and humble, compassionate and understanding, we divert, distract, delight and inspire the people who watch us, we illuminate the magic realm beneath the surface of all things and we invite people to enter in, we make a bubble and calm the storm, we are peace in the midst of war.

“We are who the people have forgotten to be.”

Extinction Rebellion describes itself as a socio-political movement that uses “non-violent civil disobedience” to protest against the climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.