For the last few months residents of Acacia Road have been meeting every week as part of a craftivist project that aims to engage bodies, minds and hearts.

The project involves all ages getting together and using yarn to decorate their street and raise awareness about an issue that’s important to the community.

The residents of Acacia Road were unhappy with the state of the two small playparks.

As a result, very few families ever used them. Now they meet in the park at least once a week to remove any litter, play on the climbing frame and swings and have a go at making something that can be used to decorate the street and park.

When asked about the impact of the project the residents’ responses were quick and succinct: “It’s bringing people together,” “We’re forming friendships,” “It’s about being creative,” “Making the street look nice,” “Teaching children new skills,” “Making it colourful,” “ Tidying up the neighbourhood,” “Motivating the community to look after their area.”

Sarah Perry, director of Cornwool Craftivista CIC said: “If you’d like to join the residents on Acacia Road in reclaiming their community spaces or you’d like to know more about craftivism, please get in touch.”

Sarah can be contacted on 07968280809 or