A fly fishing competition is being held in St Mawes.

The fourth annual Orvis UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival will take place between September 12 and 15.

Organisers say The Salt, as the event is known, is a celebration of the under-appreciated saltwater fly fishing available in the UK.

It will include demonstrations from saltwater fly fishing experts with sessions for beginners and more experienced anglers covering everything from casting to finding fish.

There will also be friendly competitions for amateur and professional anglers running over the weekend, fly fishing film screenings and cooking demonstrations.

A pop-up gin bar will appear on St Mawes harbour hosted by Curio and provide refreshments at the opening party on Thursday 12.

Organisers described how saltwater fly fishing is a sport accessible to anyone.

It’s free and does not require a license unlike its freshwater counterpart.

They say it is comparable to mindfulness meditation as more and more people take up the sport to escape the grind of modern life.

Brian Campbell-Kersey, head of marketing at Orvis UK, who sponsor the festival said: “We’re really excited to support the UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2019.

“We’re always looking for ways to encourage new people into the sport, and saltwater fly fishing in the UK, although growing, is a massively undervalued resource.

“In keeping with our 50/50 On The Water campaign, we hope to see lots of ladies and kids taking part.

“We’ll also be highlighting the importance of conserving wild fish stocks and the role that fly fishing and fly anglers can play in protecting our amazing rivers and seas.”

Visit saltwaterflyfishinguk.com for more.