Gas leak fears at sports pitch site

METHANE gas and carbon dioxide will still be leaking from an old council rubbish tip after an all-weather sports pitch is built in Falmouth.

At the very worst a spectator watching a football match could light his cigarette and by throwing down the stub set himself alight.

But such an incident was highly unlikely. "It could happen. A spectator could set himself on fire," said Colin Brewer, a county waste disposal officer.

He wants to see monitors placed strategically around the proposed all-weather field adjacent to the Ashfield Estate to make sure nothing goes wrong. The gas from the old tip was expected to go on leaking out for the next 10 to 20 years.

Carrick will make their final decision on September 14 after further reports from the county council and considering all the objections.

Top award makes the team bloom

FALMOUTH'S Britain in Bloom volunteers are over the moon. The town has won a major award in the national competition following a visit by the judges.

"We have won the Whitbread Open Award," said secretary Mrs Gladys Jackson. The award covered the whole spectrum and could have been won by a town or village, she added.

"We are all delighted. We are all volunteers and we receive no financial grants or help from anyone."

The win follows hot on the heels of the praise given to the town's residents in the gardens competition run by the local Britain in Bloom committee.

"It is the first time we have won this award although we have won the national award in the past," said Mrs Jackson.

Falmouth's streets have been ablaze with colour this year and the Britain in Bloom committee in the town work hard making sure all the boxes, baskets and tubs are kept fresh.

"We have a rota system for watering," said Mrs Jackson.

The watering team are well known in the town although they carry out their duties normally in the early hours of the morning before too many people are about.

We want action now! - Mabe loses patience as catalogue of crashes grows and grows

By Hugh Cadman

TRAFFIC-tormented residents of Mabe do not know whether they are coming or going after last Wednesday's turbo-charged public meeting, it was claimed last week.

Susanne Strongman of the Mabe Action Group said the County Highways officer who attended offered no clear solutions to the motor mayhem and seemed poorly prepared.

"He came without even a plan of the village. If he is going to draw up plans why could he not have done it before the meeting? It was an insult and I'm a bit confused," she said.

Fellow action group member Jenny Kennedy said: "Our last public meeting was positive but now I feel frustrated."

Mabe parish councillor Chris Brown felt some good had emerged: "At least the county council know how we feel now."

The packet WI hall was constantly simmering with the let's-get-on-with-it frustrations of villagers whose peace and quiet is crucified by the junction of four race-track roads used as short-cuts.

County Highways traffic engineer Tony Roche said the aim was to reduce and slow down traffic, especially on Antron Hill.