New technology is being introduced in Cornwall to help catch cars parking in resident-only parking zones without a permit. 

Cornwall Council is introducing camera cars, saying they make best use of technology, give value for money and free up civil enforcement officers for other areas where there are parking issues.

The use of the new camera cars - vehicles that have a camera attached to the roof - means that one civil enforcement officer can cover the same distance of nearly four and half officers patrolling on foot.

Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport, said a "raft of measures" had been introduced to help communities and improve traffic management.

He said: "This is the latest move to improve efficiency and to demonstrate to our residents that we are acting to deter those who park in restricted parking zones.”

The cars are fitted with a camera and automatic number plate recognition technology so the council can check number plates of cars parked in zones in some areas of Truro and in St Ives against its database, to make sure they are linked to a resident parking permit.

If not, the civil enforcement officer will be able to issue a penalty charge notice if appropriate.

The cars will then be used in other areas when other resident parking zones become vehicle specific permit parking zones.