Forty tyres and several tools were dumped in a farmer's field leading him to blame a local garage.

Mathew Kessell found the offending waste fly-tipped in one of his fields at Tresooth Farm on Penwarne Road just outside of Falmouth.

He said: "I just don't know what somebody, what a farmer can do to stop people dumping. You can't watch your fields all day every day and tell people to take their own rubbish home."

Last week, another ten tyres were dumped at the nearby Argal Crossing.

Because they were left on public land, Cornwall Council disposed of them.

But because the forty tyres were dumped on private land, Mathew says "the council don't want to know anything about it."

He says that there was a similar incident years ago after one of his neighbours spotted a vehicle belonging to a Falmouth garage in the area, which has led him to believe the same company is responsible.

Mathew would not name the garage without having solid evidence.

He said: "I can't get anyone interested in doing anything. I told the police and they weren't interested. I told the council and I don't know what they can do."

He added: "It's not expensive for these garages to dispose of their tyres and it's not hard for them to get responsibly dumped.

"It's just annoying when they make work for other people."

The farmer does not believe he will be able to dispose of the detritus at the recycling centre in Longdowns as it does not classify as household waste.

He said: "We'll have to find somebody that does recycle or whatever, find someone who does it professionally and get it sorted myself."