A charity focused on raising awareness of gender diversity visited Asda in Penryn to spread their message.

Members of Camborne-based Safe Haven visited the superstore to raise funds via a teddy tombola and raise awareness for their group and gender diversity issues in general.

Founder Jackie Swarbrick said: "We provide support and friendship and advice, activities and events for transgender and non-binary people and their families."

The charity has been running from its Brea headquarters since 2015.

Jackie said: "When we first started up the villagers said 'well, what are you doing here then?'

"We invited them down and told them about it, and they have been brilliant. One of the villagers is even doing a 10k run to raise money for us.

"People say 'I don't get it, I don't understand, but if they're happy that's fine.' You don't need to understand to accept."

The biggest problem faced by people struggling with their gender identity in Cornwall is isolation, says Jackie.

She said: "If you live in a village where your family have lived umpty diddly years, everyone knows you; everyone knows your family.

"If you realise you were born the wrong gender it's really difficult to come out. We get people coming here and we're the first people they have told."

Safe Haven introduces people to a community that oftentimes they did not even realise exists.

Jackie said: "I had one call saying 'I'm the only trans person in Redruth.' I said 'no, you're not'."

More confident members of Safe Haven will visit venues around Cornwall to test the waters for trans members who are worried about the reaction they might receive.

Jackie said: "One of our trustees who's out and proud will go out and say 'how do you feel about it?'"

The group puts on regular events including support groups for adults and young trans people, and monthly disco nights.

More information can be found by visiting safehaven.org.uk.