An art project about the future of pubs in the 21st century involved a brainstorming session by brewers at Granite Rock Brewery in Penryn.

Organised by local artists Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti, the event invited people to discuss how pubs contribute to community life over a pint.

It was part of a long-term project put together by the pair for the Compass Festival of Leeds, and despite being sponsored by a Yorkshire organisation the work was originally inspired by the Penryn and Falmouth pub scene.

Guests included visiting brewer Katie Marriot from Nomadic Beers and mike Hampshire from Mikes Taproom in Leeds as well as members of the Cornwall Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and Dynamite Valley brewer Dom Lilly.

They were welcomed by mayor councillor Chaz Wenmoth and by Granite Rock brewers Dave and Frances Wilmot.