Volunteers from Cornwall Heritage Trust cleaned up a historic settlement in West Cornwall last week.

The ten willing volunteers, in association with English Heritage, cleared the build-up of turf from the interior of two houses at Carn Euny, an Iron Age village near Sancreed.

The turf had built up over a layer of rock originally laid in the 1960s. After it was cleared a new layer of crushed granite was laid which will allow access to the interior living spaces of the old houses.

Falmouth Packet:

Cathy Woolcock, CEO of Cornwall Heritage Trust, said: “It was fantastic to run another successful volunteering project, this time in association with English Heritage.

A lot of thought went into planning the work and choosing the right materials and we are very grateful to the volunteers and staff from both organisations for their help on the day, as well as the goodwill of the neighbouring farmer.

"It is hoped that we will undertake similar projects at the site next year and anyone interested in taking part can sign up on the Cornwall Heritage Trust website.”