A DOG which fell 100 feet down a mineshaft was rescued in west Cornwall yesterday.

The dramatic incident took place in an open mine in the Levant area, near St Just, at around 3pm.

Penzance Coastguards received a report of the stricken dog, after Land's End Coastguard Search & Rescue Team had earlier been tasked to the incident.

The owners of the dog confirmed that a four year-old cocker spaniel was at the bottom of the shaft alive and barking.

Both teams joined forces and a rope rescue was initiated. Penzance's deputy station officer James Maddern, as the rescue rope technician, was lowered into the shaft.

Once at the bottom with the dog, it was confirmed that the fall was around 100 feet and that the dog, although injured, was in good spirits.

It was enticed into an animal rescue bag and lifted up by mechanical winch.

Once at the top of the shaft, the dog was reunited with its very grateful owners.

Also in attendance was duty senior coastguard operations officer and local Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service unit.