A rare Brown Booby bird was spotted at The Lizard yesterday, just days after the first ever sighting of the seabird in the UK.

Birdwatchers and wildlife photographers from around the country descended on St Ives Bay last week after tropical bird, which breeds in the Caribbean, turned up thousands of miles from home.

Video: Koro Media

Yesterday a second Brown Booby was seen flying over The Lizard, to the delight of the Lizard National Trust team.

They said: "They are separate birds, as their plumage gives them as being different ages.

"A third bird has been seen in France, and it is remarkable that so many birds have strayed so far from home."

The team explained that the English name "booby" was possibly based on the Spanish slang term bobo, meaning "stupid", as these tame birds had a habit of landing on board sailing ships, where they were easily captured and eaten.