A Porthleven drink driver overturned his car whilst carrying a passenger before fleeing the scene of the accident and giving police a false name.

William Geoffery Dymond, 38, of Penrose Park, crashed his BMW into an electricity pylon on the B3306 at Kelynack in West Cornwall at around 2am on Saturday March 30.

He appeared in Truro Magistrates Court yesterday (Monday September 2) where he pleaded guilty to one drink driving charge.

Prosecuting, Alison May outlined how police received reports of a bang and flashing lights and arrived to find the car with its wheel missing and the pylon hanging from a cable.

Dymond was found walking half a mile away and when asked by police said his name was "Andy".

He eventually produced a bank card with the name Dymond. He was then arrested and taken to hospital as there was concern for his welfare.

A blood test was carried out which showed that he was nearly twice the drink drive limit (148mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood when the limit is 80mg).

He was formally interviewed on June 6 and said that he had no memories of the incident although he accepted he was the driver and had drank at least three pints that night.

Defending himself in court, Dymond said: "I am very sorry, it shouldn't have happened."

Presiding magistrate John Aldred said: "You were a man of previous good character, no convictions of any kind and it's always very unfortunate when someone like that without any blemishes on their character finds themselves in your position.

"Hopefully this is something you can learn from and move forward from. It's made worse that there was a passenger in the car.

"Luckily for you and others it's a very quiet part of the county. You have shown remorse for your actions and we're willing to accept that and take it into account."

Dymond was disqualified from driving for 18 months. He was fined £120 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £30 and court costs of £85.

He was also offered the chance to pay for and undertake a drink driving rehabilitation course to reduce his disqualification by five months.