A fire damaged road remains a constant reminder of the horror for residents forced to flee their homes in the middle of the night, with it yet to be resurfaced ten weeks on.

Not only does the black and charred road surface in Oliver's Terrace bring back memories of when a van and cars were set alight in the early hours of June 26, but residents say it is also causing damage to the inside of their houses due to soot and ash being transferred.

The fed up residents have now started lobbying Cornwall Council over when the promised resurfacing work will take place.

Louise Hopes has written to the council to say: "Following serious fire damage to the road/path of Oliver's Terrace we have still had no date for the work to be done to resurface.

"The damage to the road means we are walking in soot and bits of burned tarmac constantly - this is causing damage to our homes and no doubt our tyres. The small footpath that runs alongside the road is also causing the same problem.

"This is a pressing matter and I would rather have it dealt with as soon as possible before the residents' homes and vehicles are affected to such an extent we will need to consider compensation."

Mrs Hopes added that she was already forced to get a replacement carpet fitted, but was reluctant to do so until the problem had been resolved.

Replying, Andy Hosking, assistant highways and environment manager at Cormac, said a team had been given instructions to carrying out resurfacing, but that Meneage Street, which joined Oliver's Terrace, was under an "embargo for works."

He added: "My colleagues are now renegotiating with the street works authority to obtain a suitable window of opportunity to undertake these works."

Explaining more, a spokesperson for Cornwall Council told the Packet: "We will be resurfacing along Oliver’s Terrace. However, at the moment, seasonal restrictions are in place to protect the traffic network during the busy summer period.

"To carry out the resurfacing, the team would need to use Meneage Street to access the terrace.

"The seasonal routes are determined based on a combination of traffic flow and the need to avoid congestion from road works. We’ll be programming the works as soon as possible.

"The seasonal restrictions mean that there is an embargo on the use of traffic lights/road closures/stop and go boards between the hours of 7am and 7pm except for emergency works."

Information on Cornwall Council's websites shows the full summer embargo ended on Monday this week.

However, an 'extended seasonal routes' lasts until October 27 - although this is only for the section of Meneage Street from The Furry to Meneage Road, which is the other side of the roundabout from the Oliver's Terrace junction.