A Blackwater man was fined for driving whilst disqualified with no valid insurance.

Conor Leonard Fulton, 25, of Passmore Close, pleaded guilty to one charge of breaching his disqualification and another of using a vehicle with no valid insurance.

He appeared in Truro Magistrates Court on Monday where prosecutor Alison May laid out the charges.

She described how officers in an unmarked vehicle at Tesco Pool saw a Vauxhall Astra drive past them on August 15.

They recognised Fulton who was behind the wheel bare-chested.

He was arrested and was compliant with officers – admitting that he knew he was disqualified and should not have been driving.

Fulton was disqualified from driving in October last year.

Defence solicitor Rob Ecclestone spoke about how Fulton had borrowed his partner's car on the day he was arrested.

He said: "His friend lives nearby and, he says, stupidly he jumped in the car to go and see his friend.

"There isn't any suggestion that his driving appeared to be reckless.

"He lives with his partner who is here today offering her support."

He went on to say that Fulton has a child from a previous relationship and works as a labourer for a building company.

Sentencing him, magistrate John Aldred said: "There's a reason why people get disqualified, because they're dangerous on the road."

He added: "You have just freely admitted that you knew you were disqualified. If you drive again I think a different outcome will happen."

Fulton was fined £560, reduced to £373 because of his early guilty plea.

He was also ordered to pay a £37 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.

His driving record was endorsed with six penalty points.

Mr Aldred agreed to allow Fulton to pay £100 a month.

He said: "If you don't pay it you'll be back here. There's a possibility of a prison sentence. I do think you need to think very carefully about your attitude to driving."