An off-duty coastguard who found himself first on the scene of a crash leapt into action when his life-saving instincts kicked in.

The unnamed team member of Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team has been praised for his efforts in the wake of a collision near Chacewater.

The coastguard had been driving the road for his day-to-day work when he came across a rolled vehicle.

With other emergency services yet to arrive, the coastguard checked the casualty for injuries and made the vehicle as safe he could, as the engine was still running.

Incredibly, despite the vehicle rolling onto its roof, there were no injuries of anyone involved and the coastguard volunteer was able to leave the driver in the care of the police.

His Falmouth coastguard team said: “Once again this type of incident shows that our skills and training can be adapted to most emergency situations that we come across.”