Update: Workers have been ordered to pack away the traffic lights, which were unlicensed. 

Unannounced roadworks on a busy Falmouth road have caused traffic chaos this morning.

Commuters this morning found that traffic lights have been set up at the junction of Bickland Hill and Bickland Water Road whilst contractor Kier surveys the road.

The lights are due to be taken down later today, but will then be put in place again on Wednesday whilst builders carry out utilities work.

Falmouth Packet:

The work being carried out by Kier is not restricted to certain times but is due to finish on Thursday.

The start of the work on Bickland Hill has also caused other work further down the road to be postponed.

Cormac contacted businesses last week to say that traffic lights would be in place by the Chy An Dowr development between 9.30am and 4pm until February.

This work will be delayed until the traffic lights at Bickland Hill are taken down.

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