A housing developer has agreed to clear a field of a dangerous weed after being pressured to take action by a local councillor.

Cornwall councillor for Constantine, Mawnan and Budock John Bastin wrote to Taylor Wimpey pointing out a field of ragwort growing next to the Chy An Dowr housing estate on Bickland Water Road.

He says that he first contacted the company when the weed was in its early flowering stage and did not receive a reply.

Since his attempts to get in contact were allegedly ignored, the plant has grown to its mature stage and now covers most of the field (which is owned by the developer).

Ragwort can have a "devastating effect" on horses as well as being damaging to cattle and other animals, according to DEFRA.

As horses are kept near the field in question, councillor Bastin was particularly concerned about the weed and said that Taylor Wimpey's inaction was "totally irresponsible" and showed "little understanding for the ways of the countryside".

But after being contacted by the Packet, a Taylor Wimpey spokesperson said that the field is on the company's radar and that it plans to remove the problem plant.

The spokesperson said: "We would like to thank Councillor Bastin for bringing the ragwort adjacent to our development in Falmouth to our attention.

"We are in the process of engaging a contractor to remove the weed as quickly as possible and our site manager is in regular contact with the councillor."

Councillor Bastin said in response: "That's good news, let's hope it happens soon. They're supposed to do it either in flower or before flower which they haven't done.

"They have had ample time to do something about it."