The theft of a piece of memorabilia more than half a century old has prompted one Porthleven pub manager to say "Enough is enough" as she pleads for the item's safe return.

Various pieces have been stolen from the Ship Inn over recent months, including tankards hanging from the ceiling, a copper kettle and a brand new pot plant.

However, it is the theft of a rudder, hand painted with the words "Scampi and chips in the basket 6'6”, which had been hanging in one of the windows for at least 50 years, that has caused the pub to speak out.

Manager Mo Spicer said: "These artefacts come with the pub. Some of them are 50/60-year-old pieces of history that belong to the pub, not just us here.

"It's very, very annoying. We have it in our heads that lots of things go missing from us anyway - a lot of things are now screwed and glued down - but stuff like this has sentimental value for certain people.

"It makes us cross, thinking that people think they can just take it. It's this sign on Friday that has triggered us to say 'enough is enough'. Everybody has got to stop doing this now."

It is believed to have been taken on Friday evening, when the pub was particularly busy, although how the thieves managed to smuggle it out without notice has left staff "baffled."

"Somebody would have seen; somebody knows. It is such a small pub, when we're busy and staff are just behind the bar you can't really see over to the other side of the pub," said Mo.

She stressed that they did not want to get anyone in trouble and just wanted the rudder - and other items - back.

"Maybe if one day it just turned up on our doorstep when we came in one day, that would be better than nothing.

"If the person that took it did take it for a dare and they came and said they're really sorry, that would be appreciated too," she added.