"Come and talk to us and we will listen" is the message from one of Falmouth MAT's new trustees to parents.

The Reverend Bill Stuart-White, former Archdeacon of Cornwall, is one of four interim trustees directing the school whilst a new MAT (Multi-Academy Trust) is being sought.

He sat down with the Packet in the hopes of repairing relations between the school and the community after June's disastrous Ofsted finding led to the departure of head and MAT CEO Brett Miners.

The All Saints Church Parish Priest has experience in education, having served as a member of two MATs through the Truro Diocesan Board of Education.

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Along with chair of trustees and NHS management consultant Phil Orwin, education specialist Karen Bond and Bristol-based MAT CEO Dave Baker, the Reverend hopes that the new board of trustees will "leave [Falmouth School] in a better place" after the year or so they are expected to lead before a new MAT takes over.

One of the priorities for the new leaders is to overturn some of the school's unpopular behaviour policies.

Rev. Stuart-White said: "We wanted to set a different tone. It's much more reward-based than punitive. There were processes that seemed to blow small situations into more serious ones."

One punishment in particular involved isolating students from their peers for sometimes minor infractions in what was known as the 'inclusion room'.

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The Reverend said: "One of our first things was to say 'dismantle that'. That's not how we're going to deal with difficult behaviour.

"It's a different place; we're dealing with individuals as individuals."

He added: "It's a lot for the staff to get their heads around but they have embraced it with real enthusiasm. It was, not surprisingly, an unhappy atmosphere into which we walked.

"The place was ready for some changes."

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As well as behavioural policies, another priority for the new leaders is the school's provisions for students with special educational needs.

Rev. Stuart-White said: "We're taking that really seriously. The big message that we got was that if the child was gifted and academically willing they would flourish at Falmouth School.

"We want to draw the best out of all the children. That means taking special educational needs very seriously. We have already made a very good start on it."

As for the new interim head, Alex George, the Reverend said: "We are really confident he is picking up and running with it very well. He's relishing the opportunity to lead the school."

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Addressing concerns about a lack of accountability within the school's leadership, Rev. Stuart-White said that the roles of MAT CEO and school head will most likely be separated.

Trustees are currently seeking to appoint a new CEO and expect to be able to make an announcement about this soon.

When asked if there was any final message he wanted to get across, the Reverend said: "We want parents to know that the school is going to work to bring out the best in every child.

"We want to make sure every child gets the best education in a broad sense.

"Come and speak to us, come and talk to us and we will listen."