Falmouth MAT (multi-academies trust) has appointed a new interim CEO.

Sarah Karkeek, currently Newquay Education Trust's CEO, will be taking over the role from Brett Miners, whose departure was announced last week.

She will lead the trust in the interim period whilst a new MAT is being sought.

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A letter sent to parents from the MAT's new trustees said: "As you will be aware from recent communication, we have been seeking an interim part-time chief executive to support our staff, children and our wider school communities, during this important and exciting period of change.

"I am delighted to confirm that the Trustees have appointed Sarah Karkeek, to work with us as our interim chief executive.

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"Sarah is currently Newquay Education Trust's chief executive officer, but will be stepping down from that role in this academic year.

"Sarah has been in education all her working life, firstly as a secondary teacher and secondary school leader and then as the founding director of a childcare chain.

"Sarah is also a National Leader of Governance.

"Sarah will take up post tomorrow (September 13), and will be supporting us on a part time basis, from here on in.

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"I am sure that you will join me in giving a warm welcome to Sarah, and wishing her well with her new role.

"Sarah will be meeting many of you over the coming days and weeks and will also be around at Falmouth School tomorrow afternoon.

"Sarah will also be visiting King Charles and St Francis school next week."