The landlord of a nightclub that unexpectedly announced its closure on Friday has addressed allegations made on social media as he revealed plans to reopen in a matter of weeks.

In the early hours of yesterday Boxx in Helston announced that it was shutting, claiming this was due to a disagreement with the landlord and security staff.

The post on Facebook went on blame increasing rent and rates, along with a lack of customers putting pressure on the business over the years.

Boxx took over from Shooters Bar in Coinagehall Street in 2017, with the venue also known as Trelawney’s for many years.

Boxx is owned by Jonathan Oates, who goes by the name of Jay Sundance in his work.

In the post revealing it was now closed, Boxx claimed it had been “illegally repossessed” by its landlord and would be taking the matter to court.

The landlord of the building, who asked not to be named, has now spoken to the Packet to address some of the accusations, saying: “My actions to remove Mr Oates from the premises were legal and advice was taken from my solicitors prior to my actions."

He claimed: "Mr Oates broke numerous covenants within his lease - 1. Payment terms on buying the business. 2. Rent owed. 3. The High Court removed his music licence on September 5 as money was owed to PRS.”

He went to add that he hoped to have a new tenant in place very shortly and the venue would hopefully be reopened within a couple of weeks.

However, Boxx claimed the lead up to the closure was “nothing but a hatched up false accusation about us breaking a clause in our lease giving the landlord the chance to take back the building and change the locks.”

It added that it would be “fighting this all the way”.

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The post went on to thank the club’s supporters over the last two years, saying: “We would like to thank those of you who supported us and the friendships we made over in Helston.

“As a business it was tight running and although I had many plans for the place the unfortunate lack of business coming in the door prevented me from doing this. Nonetheless we put on a few parties and events and did the best we could.

“As a sole trader without much capital behind me it was difficult to get it off the ground and take it where I wanted it to be.

“In the end capitalism and greed win over passion and art.

“With the never ending demand for money is it any wonder such a small business would eventually start to crack around the foundations.

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“The combination of few people so late in the evening and the ever increasing costs of rent and rates, business taxes etc would eventually topple any business.

“Over the last couple of years I did the best I could with the resources at my disposal and hold my head high that I gave it my best shot to try and keep it alive.”

It went on to thank manager Louis, along with the staff and DJs, for their hard work and effort.