RESIDENTS in Falmouth have claimed that noise and pollution created by a nearby business is rendering them "prisoners in our own homes".

The Packet was first alerted to the issue in North Parade last year, but the complaints have again poured in about work carried out by marine company Keynvor Morlift Ltd (KML) at Falmouth Wharves.

North Parade resident Rob Bryant said: "What started out as a 'one off operation' by KML on the old Coastlines Wharf about two years ago, has now turned into a full scale industrial-sized operation that’s been almost non-stop throughout the summer.

"The movement of huge granite blocks from Penryn quarry to the wharf, facilitated by large flat bed loaders and trucks that pass constantly along North Parade, has been on going this whole summer.

"They pass in front of and behind my property approximately every 10 minutes when loading is ongoing. The noise, dust and diesel fumes that are extreme to say the least have prevented us from even sitting in our garden during these wonderful summer months. The constant beep of reversing bleepers is just so annoying and it was non-stop again over the bank holiday weekend. In fact it’s been horrendous, with noise levels up and the work often continuing into the night.

"Once the granite arrives down at the wharf, it’s then another cacophony of noise, machinery clanking, banging, men shouting and the constant noise of a full on industrial operation."

He claimed that managing director Diccon Rogers has ignored some of the recommendations made and "continued to expand and operate this residential disaster full time".

Peter Sudbury, another North Parade resident, said that Mr Rogers had made them "prisoners in our own homes".

He said: "Over the August bank holiday, the noise, dust and general disturbance made it impossible for residents and holiday makers staying in apartments in the area to even have their doors and windows open, let alone sit out in their gardens or on their balconies enjoying the weather."

And it would seem that the problem is not just endured by North Parade residents.

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Joe Healey said: "I live in Flushing and am keen to point out it is not just the residents of North Parade impacted by this heavy industrial activity. Whilst North Parade residents certainly get the brunt of the issues, we do get the noise.

"The KML activity has become such a scale, it is affecting far more than only the residents of North Parade.

"The activity has now expanded to two barges. When both barges are at the wharf, the Penryn river itself becomes very narrow, with approximately 30m of distance separating the boats which are moored to the barges.

"This is a busy stretch of water, with access to Falmouth marina and onwards to Penryn. Two boats may pass with care, but the congestion can quickly escalate, creating a very dangerous stretch of waterway."

A spokesman for KML said: “We’re a vibrant local marine company operating all over the UK and Northern Europe from our base at Falmouth Wharves. We’re delighted to be exporting Falmouth granite by sea - a traditional stone which has been shipped from the Penryn river for centuries.

"Using Cornish granite, we compete internationally, providing many jobs on our vessels and projects out of Falmouth, and spending millions of pounds in the regional supply chain. We value our place in the community, and good relations with our neighbours are very important to us.

"Commercial wharves, shipping and marine operations have always been the beating heart of Falmouth, and we’re a modern part of a long and proud Cornish tradition.”