A Falmouth man has set up the new Vodafone franchise store in St Austell, having already set up a similar franchise store in Truro as store manager in February.

Lee Beer, who moved to Cornwall from Plymouth in Devon several years ago, has benefitted from the opportunities offered by Vodafone’s new franchise programme.

The 38 year-old said: “It’s great to be working in St Austell as well as Truro as it means we can now provide a local service which covers all of mid and north Cornwall, with our customers not having to travel too far to call on our expertise.

“As a business opportunity for me personally, it’s nice to be able to develop things under my own steam and help bring a local flavour to a global brand.

“Vodafone has been rigorous with its approval procedure in setting up the franchise, with a thorough process and assessment of the business plan, my expected financials and cash flow, and with the onus on me to provide targets and timelines.

“I’m excited about the potential for the business, to be a new feature on Fore Street and of course to be bringing this service to our customers in this area of Cornwall.”