Twin boys, aged four, have travelled half way around the world to Redruth to receive specialist suits to help with their cerebral palsy.

Zach and River Dove London will collect their super hero suits from D M Orthotics (DMO).

Dan Severn, DMO's chief executive officer, said: "They had very different requirements," he explained. "River’s prescription focused on hips and pelvic control to help him with his stepping and a lot more panelling was used for his shoulders.

"Because Zach has just had surgery and we don’t know how rehabilitation is going to affect his development over the next few months, we went for a very minimal prescription."

The twins’ parents, Jessica and Brett, heard about DMO’s products when they took their sons to Sydney in Australia for intensive physiotherapy.

They liked the look and feel of the DMO sample so much they decided to tie in a trip to Cornwall with Zach’s UK surgery.

"The boys were measured for the suits and we came to Redruth to try them on," said Jessica. "They fit perfectly".

To make the suits extra special, two superhero capes were also hand-cut by DMO’s expert staff.

"We really like DMO’s colour options and the capes are amazing," Jessica continued. "Making the suits fun and appealing means the kids were very excited to put them on. We could see the difference straight away.

"River’s excess movements significantly reduced and although it’s difficult to assess Zach because he’s only just had his operation, he looks quite strong in the way he is standing."

Mr Severn, said: "With his suit on, River’s movements immediately slowed down and he was more confident walking. Zach’s suit has given him increased truncal and core stability – enabling him to crawl and walk more than he has done since his operation, which is a huge positive".

Dan gave the family a personal tour of the Redruth factory during their visit and introduced them to the staff involved in making their new orthoses.

"It was a privilege to welcome them here," said Dan.

The Dove Londons are about to move to Australia and have their own You Tube channel, Ordinary Extraordinary:

DMO products are manufactured using an elastomeric fabric to ensure a close fit that helps build muscle tone.

The company currently exports to 26 countries worldwide and members of the GB Paralympic team are ambassadors for the brand.