A Falmouth woman assaulted in a late-night attack has recounted the terrifying ordeal as a warning to others.

Nakhara Jacques, 25, was left with injuries after a stranger tried to abduct her before tripping her over and attempting to steal her handbag on Monday.

She hopes by sharing her experience she can prevent others going through something similar.

She said: "Just make sure you know who you're getting in the car with. He made out like he was my driver almost, saying 'I didn't see you there'.

"If I was waiting for a taxi I might have got in."

She was waiting for a lift from her partner in the car park at Swanpool at around 11.45pm after visiting her mother-in-law when she noticed a man in a BMW acting suspiciously.

He was flashing the car's headlights and Nakhara at first thought he may have been an undercover police officer.

The stranger drove past her, reversed and said "I didn't see you there".

He got out of the car and, Nakhara said, "got right up in my face," asking about her dog and why she was out so late.

The man then told her to "get in my f***ing car."

Nakhara said no and started to run away but the man tripped her over, injuring her knee and hand.

The man tried to pull her handbag off her shoulder and she started screaming for help.

At this point the man ran back to his car and sped off as Nakhara managed to stand up.

After the assault, Nakhara "went into full shock". She ran back to her mother-in-law's house and called the police.

She went to hospital and was treated for injuries to her hand and knee.

She describes the man as being around five feet and five inches tall, white, bald and with a strong northern or Irish accent.

He was driving a silver BMW coupe, possibly a five or three series, with blacked out rear windows.

After the incident, Nakhara says that she has been approached by others saying that they were attacked by someone matching the man's description over the weekend.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson confirmed the report of the attack and asked for witnesses to contact 101.

They said: "The incident took place between 11:35-11:50pm on Monday September 16 near Tremorvah Park, Falmouth.

"A woman in her 20’s was walking her dog when a man got out of a silver BMW coupe and made threats to her.

"He then tripped over the woman as she attempted to leave the area; she sustained minor cuts to her knees and hand.

"The suspect then left the area in his car.

"Anyone who may have any information that can assist with enquiries is asked to email 101@dc.police.uk quoting crime reference CR/084221/19."