THERE was double drama on Friday after a yacht ran aground at Flushing.

Falmouth coastguards were first tasked to a report of the vessel at Kiln Quay just before 1pm, but six hours later they returned as there was a "danger to the life to the occupant".

At lunchtime coastguards, together with Falmouth Lifeboat's inshore lifeboat went to the scene, but the ILB was unable to tow the stranded vessel clear due to the state of the tide.

The stranded yacht had suffered engine failure and given the wind and sea state, she was unable to continue under sail.

Coastguards met the skipper, who confirmed that all crew were safely ashore and no injuries were reported.

The vessel had suffered no significant damage and wasn't taking on any water, so the duty of care was left with the owners, who planned to try and re-float on the next tide.

However, at around 7pm coastguards and the ILB were once again called to the vessel during the recovery operation, as there was a danger to the life of the occupant.

The ILB was unable to get close enough to be able to affect a rescue, so stood by as safety cover.

A coastguard team member was committed to the water and performed a tethered "snatch" rescue of the casualty, who was waist deep in water.

He was safely recovered to the shore.