Fur believed to belong to missing dog Olive has been found close to where she disappeared near Porthleven.

The beloved family pet has been lost since Saturday but last night owners Steve and Tara Trethowan hoped there has been a breakthrough when what appeared to be fur from the border collie was found next to a hole in some undergrowth.

Falmouth Packet:

Olive has been missing since Saturday

They rushed out to the location with friends and used heat-seeking cameras and powerful torches in the hope of making a discovery, but could only find rabbits and badgers.

Despite the blow, the family will return this morning to search that area further in the light.

Importantly, should anyone find Olive they must not give her food or water, as vets have advised she must be rehydrated slowly under their professional care.

Falmouth Packet:

Olive (right) with Tara and Steve's other dog Rufus, who is pining for her

Tara said: "Last night we searched the area again for the millionth time. A friend had a heat source camera but devastatingly still no sign of our girl.

"A friend found quite a lot of fur that we are convinced is Olive's. It was very near a big hole; we went through the hole and again nothing.

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"The feelings of desperation and fear are indescribable; the weather is worst we could have ever wanted.

"This morning we will go to look again in the vain hope that maybe we’ve missed something, anything, to find her.

"The thoughts that she has been stolen or been washed into the sea have all crossed our minds and it’s killing us. We are emotionally and physically exhausted."

Falmouth Packet:

A map showing the exact location where Olive went missing

Olive had been on a walk on the coastal path near to Tye Rock car park at Porthleven when she vanished "in a split second."

A search and rescue dog owned by another friend has determined that Olive did not run from the path towards the car park, but that she did go to the cliff edge, directly opposite the path, and towards the addit and the old path, but not on the new path.

More than 100 people have been looking over the days since her disappearance, with Steve saying: "As a family we are so amazed with everyone’s generosity, help, it’s truly inspiring."

Falmouth Packet:

A closer view of the map showing the location Olive went missing in

Tara added: "We have been inundated with texts and messages of possible places to look and we have followed each of those through.

"[Everyone has] been so selfless and absolutely incredible and we can’t ever express our gratitude enough."

She said the family's other dog, Rufus, was also "desperately sad" without Olive, adding: "He needs her home as much as we do."

Anyone who can help should call 07730 985868 or 07597 385945.