A martial arts teacher on the Lizard Peninsula has set up a business offering self defence classes in people's homes in what he believes is a first for Cornwall.

Josh Nicholas, a Sensei at Coverack Ju-Jitsu Club, has created Confident Defence in a bid to arm people with the skills and confidence to keep themselves safe in any situations that might arise.

He will provide tailormade packages to people at a location of their choice across Cornwall, whether that is a park, hall or their own home.

Josh, 25, said: "They're 100 per cent tailored to the individual. It's predominantly one-to-one but if you have got a group I'm more than happy to teach a group.

"I just want to promote people's confidence, health and wellbeing. Cornwall's getting a bit rowdy now.

"I looked and I couldn't find anybody that does tailormade training programmes to the door - it's all club based, and some people just don't have the confidence to go to clubs. It's a very intimidating area for people."

Josh, who recently moved to Camborne having lived most of his life in St Keverne, is a qualified personal trainer and has also trained in taekwondo, karate and elements of judo.

He can teach everything from the basics, such as blocks, how to move the opponent's body and how to keep your body out of the line of touch, through to more advance moves.

Josh will also provide specifically women's self defence classes, which he recommends taking in pairs. These are mostly angled at technical ability and using an opponent's strength against them, saying: "It doesn't matter how big they are, if you know what you're doing and how to do it. Hopefully it's a massive confidence boost.

He added: "I don't want anybody getting attacked at all, but if I can be the guy that prevents somebody being hurt while getting attacked that would be good.

"I'm hoping to teach anybody that wants to increase their confidence, their skills and their functionality. Anybody that wants to defend themselves effectively, but also protect the person they're having to defend themselves against.

"I don't want them to punch this person in the face, as that leads to legal issues. But if you make them sit on their bum very, very quietly...

"It's all about self preservation in the most non-lethal possibilities."

To get in touch with Josh call 07932 015896.