It is the last chance for people in Porthleven to have their say on what is important for the future of where they live.

The Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan, which looks at all aspects of life in the port including housing, the environment and facilities, is reaching its final stages having begun back in 2014.

An open day next week on Saturday, October 12 will begin six weeks of consultation with residents, up to November 23, when the plan will be sent to independent examiner.

If no amendments are needed, Cornwall Council will organise a referendum to gauge community support and if the majority vote in favour then it will become an official document and must be taken into consideration when deciding on future planning applications.

The draft plan is a 32-page document detailing five years of feedback from residents, with various appendixes going into greater detail.

It identifies key priorities for people living in Porthleven, which include protecting the landscape and heritage of the port, along with wildlife, trees and hedgerows and the rural environment, safeguarding community buildings and open spaces, supporting employment and and limiting second homes.

There is support for some extra housing in and on the edge of the village, particularly homes for young people and the elderly.

Residents have concerns over the capacity of the school and roads in the area, and want to address the "many transportation problems" by looking for road calming measures, adequate parking and better public transport into and out of the parish.

Final comments and questions over the details of the plan can be given at an open day at Porthleven Public Hall on Saturday, October 12 between 10am and 4pm.

The committee behind the plan hopes that as many residents as possible will help them with the last phase of work.

Alan Jorgensen, town councillor and chair of the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: "Over the past few years we have consulted with our community and it is their feedback that is at the heart of the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan. "This is the final opportunity people have to comment on the draft plan before it goes to independent examination. The next stage will be a vote for the people of Porthleven to decide yes or no."

Deputy mayor Mike Toy described it as the "last, but vital, stage of the plan" and urged residents to get behind it.

The full plan can be found online at or viewed in person at Porthleven Town Council offices, where volunteers will be for two hours from 4.30pm on Tuesday, October 22, 10am on Saturday, October 26, 5pm on Wednesday, October 30 and 10am on November 9.

They will also be at Pengelly’s Supermarket on Saturday, November 2 between 10am and 1pm.

Comments can also be emailed to