THE search for a dog that disappeared at Porthleven has concluded with a tragic ending.

Olive, a border collie, had been lost since Saturday.

She had been on a walk on the coastal path near to Tye Rock car park at Porthleven when she vanished "in a split second", owners Steve and Tara Trethowan, who runs the Bridal Studio in Helston, said.

Sadly, it has now been confirmed that Olive has died. She was found at Porthleven beach.

Steve posted this afternoon (Wednesday) on Facebook to say: "Sadly we’ve found our girl Olive. She is deceased, but we have her home from the sea.

"Thank you all to have tirelessly helped us through the past five days.

"Your warmth, generosity, support and contribution has truly blown us away and my faith in humanity is fully restored. I always knew we were from a special part of the world, but to witness the effort has been something else.

"RIP Olive, you were a beautiful girl, loyal, extremely loved lady and will be missed tremendously. We are truly broken, please share this post, as we’re still getting messages of support and help."

More than 100 people have been looking over the days since her disappearance, with Steve earlier saying: "As a family we are so amazed with everyone’s generosity, help, it’s truly inspiring."