More than 100 activists from Falmouth and Penryn are taking part in mass protests in London over the next fortnight.

Extinction Rebellion protesters are demanding action on climate change in the capital.

A spokesperson for the group said they believe breaking the law is justified as the government is "failing in their primary duty to keep the people safe".

Among those heading to London is Sue Cooper from Devoran who was arrested with her daughter in London at a previous protest.

She said: "Every time I see young families I want to cry - I ask myself 'do they know how the world is changing at the moment?'

"I don't think we should stop having children - children are our future. But at the moment we are creating a terrifying future for them.

"So I am going to London again to tell the government to tell the truth - they know there is an existential crisis but are ignoring it.

"We need people's assemblies informed by experts that can help our government to act responsibly and effectively.”

Sarah Conniffe-Jones is a NHS physiotherapist and mum of two young children.

She said: "As a healthcare professional I use my knowledge and skills to support the patients and families that I work with. I can’t ignore, or not do something about that person’s problems or difficulties, as it could cause them harm.

"This is the sense of responsibility I now feel about the climate and ecological breakdown. Scientists have produced biblical amounts of evidence of what is happening and assessments of what is to come.

"I know how dire their predictions are so when I reflect on how this will impact on the ones I love - how can I not go to London?”

Deborah Mitchell, an active Quaker, said: “I’ve been committed to social justice for many years and was pleased that other people were campaigning on environmental issues.

"Now I’ve woken up to the fact that this is something we all have to act on.

"I’m really proud to be part of this because it’s the first thing in many years that is generating a real sense of togetherness and community around a common cause.”

The group's three main demands are that: The government and media must tell the truth about the climate crisis, carbon emissions must be reduced to zero by 2025 and a Citizens' Assembly must form representing the population to produce a plan for how to respond to the crisis.