A Penryn performance venue and arts space is hosting various exhibitions and events to mark Black History Month this October.

An exhibition by black British artists including Ria Poole, Desiree Shaw, Shahina Jaffer and Chantal Oakes will take place from 10am to 5pm on from October 24 to 28 at The Fish Factory.

On Saturday October 19 starting at 9pm The Fish Factory will host The Slaves Lament, a Festival of Roots Music.

Reggae band Donald and the Trumpets will play as well as Cornwall Rhythm and Blues group Me and the Devil.

Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased through eventbrite.co.uk.

Donal and the Trumpets are a Jamaican/British group based in the midlands founded by Danny 'Teacher' McKenzie, former member of the cult reggae band Capitol Letters.

Danny and bassist William hail from Jamaica and the rest of the band are British-born Caribbeans.

As Capitol Letters they were signed to Greensleeves Records in 1978 and recorded the hit single Smoking My Ganja.

The Legalise Cannabis Campaign coalition recruited the group alongside Black Slate and Sir George Hi Fi for a benefit concert in the spring of 1979.

Donald and the Trumpets was formed in 2017. Danny said: "We will be performing many of our classic songs along with newer songs. We're looking forward to playing in Cornwall."