A Ponsanooth-based inventor has come up with a novel way of processing denim to make luxury sunglasses.

After eight years and 436 prototypes, Jack Spencer has perfected his technique of upcycling unwanted jeans into stylish shades.

Jack infuses the denim with resin and presses layers together until dry. This creates a new material that looks and feels like denim with a "100 per cent reduction in floppiness".

This material (aptly named 'Solid Denim') is then crafted by hand into luxury eyewear with brass details and polarized Zeiss lenses.

The handmade glasses come in five different designs in both black and blue denim.

Named Mosevic - inspired by Jack's Norwegian heritage - the company hopes to launch very soon by crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

Prices start at £130 for early adopters and go up to £145 for a single pair.

Jack says that his company hopes to, in part, buck the trend of fast fashion contributing to carbon emissions.

He admits that upcycling is not going to save the planet but suggests that "if things were made with a bit of patience, and were designed to last a lifetime, then we would be getting somewhere."

The material is strong and flexible, soft to the touch and water resistant.

For more information visit mosevic.com.

Jack is offering a discount to local readers: £125 with free shipping on Kickstarter. To claim the discount, email hello@mosevic.com.