Cornwall Council says it is working to support a man living in a double decker bus in Falmouth.

The Packet contacted the council after residents expressed concern about the man who has parked the London bus outside his council house in Glasney Road.

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A council spokesperson said: "We are aware of the situation and partners are working together to support the individual."

When pressed for more information about what type of support is being offered, the spokesperson said that she was unable to provide personal information about the case.

Elderly residents said that they have been afraid to leave their homes since the man, who has various mental illnesses including schizophrenia and PTSD, bought the bus just over a month ago.

The vehicle's owner, Neil Wainwright, describes himself as a gypsy and says he feels "imprisoned" living in a house.

He claims that Cornwall Council has offered to rehouse him in a traveller's site at various points over the years.

The council did not comment on whether Mr Wainwright would be moved to a traveller's site.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said that it is up to the council to engage with local residents and the vehicle's owner.

They said: "The local team are aware of the bus that is being lived in on Glasney Road and an officer has visited the location.

“The vehicle is taxed, MOT’d and insured, and there are currently no legal or enforcement matters for the police to be concerned with.

“We have given the owner some advice in relation to the suitability of this vehicle remaining where it is.

"We have shared our views with the council and it will be for them to engage with the owner and local residents in relation to this matter from now on.”