Falmouth churchgoers met to discuss solutions to climate change.

Around 40 people met at Emmanuel Baptist Church on Saturday October 12 for a half-day workshop in response to the climate emergency.

The event was organised by Falmouth and Penryn Churches together.

Organiser Dr Euan McPhee said: “Whilst there is an overwhelming need for a powerful response from global corporations and international agencies, and national governments, there is a place for local and personal action.

“If we have learned anything from the recent climate change protests, it is that there is no time to lose, and that action is needed at all levels.

Speakers addressed the question of how people of faith should respond to the climate crisis, pondering whether there is a biblical basis for action.

Theologian Rev. Dr Lucy Larkin argued that 'creation-care' is central to the Christian faith.

Luci Isaacson, the Diocese of Truro's environmental officer, outlined ten pledges which people could follow to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mark James from Cornwall Council shared how the council was responding to the climate emergency but made the point that local communities needed to take a lead on action.

Katrine Musgrave from Christian Aid in Cornwall spoke about how the richest countries including the UK contributed the most to climate change.

The discussion session provided people with the opportunity to share their concerns over climate change, but also to encourage each other to do more to reduce their carbon footprint.

People were encouraged to put pressure on their elected representatives, banks and businesses to get them to move towards carbon neutrality more quickly.

“It would be easy to say ‘But what can one person do?’” said Euan McPhee. “But everyone can do their bit, no matter how small. And as consumers we can all put pressure on retailers and other businesses, and even simply influence our friends.

"We owe it to our children and to all life on earth to respond positively to the situation. As many placards have been saying at the climate rallies around the world, ‘There is no Planet B’”