A couple of from Kent who have been holidaying in Porthleven took a photograph of their vehicle and sent us the following explanation:

From the driver's side I could see perhaps a 4ins drop - didn't do the maths and, of course, 4ins became 16ins, as it would on a slipway! So my three point turn finished on point two when I dropped my car over the edge of the slipway by Porthleven Harbour.

As if they had fallen from the skies, some local lads of all ages appeared and while I was talking to the AA, they had organised a forklift and utilizing a pallet, so as not to damage the car's underside, lifted the rear of the car.

The lift was successfully made and I was directed to drive back onto the road by the Ship Inn. They then went on to inspect the car's underside and announced "no damage" along with "you're not the first and I doubt you'll be the last to do this".

These guys are our heroes. They would not accept a penny for their efforts, and with a few knowing and mirthful grins disappeared as quickly as they had arrived.

I've loved Porthleven since my first visit, camping at a farm just up the road from the harbour with the 16th Bermondsey scout troop. I was 11 years old then, now 71. I've returned many times since and will continue to do so.

Through the auspices of your paper, I'd like to say a huge thank you to the lads that rescued my wife and I, they were brilliant! As is Porthleven and all the friendly locals - even to a couple of old Grockles!

Clive and Moira Groom

Deal, Kent