A mother has praised the quick-thinking actions of her daughter after she was dragged unconscious from a smoking car when they were involved in a head-on collision with a double decker bus.

Despite being dazed herself, Mollie Easterbrook managed to unclip mum Hilary from her seatbelt, along with the family dog, and drag them from the vehicle.

Hilary has gone on to praise Mollie for her efforts, saying: "We are very lucky to have survived that."

Writing on social media she said: "Thankfully my fast-thinking brave daughter, even though she was dazed herself, got me and the dog out of our seatbelts.

"I was unconscious for a bit and the poor dog was confused. She dragged me out and stumbled us to safety, where a very kind local couple took good care of us while the fire brigade hosed the smoking car."

Describing her daughter as a "real tough cookie when it's needed," Hilary added: "We are very lucky to have survived that."

Hilary went on to warn people to take extra care on narrow lanes, telling the Packet that despite only driving at between 25 and 30mph at the time, and having her lights on, it "was all so sudden".

"Be very careful on these country lanes - there are so many corners that are hardly passable as two-way traffic.

"There was nowhere to go and no room and no time - unavoidable and the outcome could had been so different.

"Take care in this rain and mud and darker days and overgrown hedges."

Hilary and Mollie were taken to hospital where they were given head and chest x-rays, but given the all clear from any serious injury aside from "just aches and pains."

Police confirmed they were called to Ruan Minor at around 2.20pm on Monday following reports of a collision between a car and a bus.

The ambulance and fire services also attended the scene.