The owner of a popular Helston burger bar that recently expanded into Falmouth has assured diners the original joint will not close.

Boo Koos, which opened its Falmouth restaurant last month, has been a hit in both towns. However, the Helston building has been listed for sale, prompting Packet readers to wonder whether it will shut.

Owner David Lemon has in fact just signed a 15-year lease on the building and although the landlord has put the property on the market, Boo Koos is "not going anywhere."

He says that the restaurant is "riding a wave" at the moment with the excitement around the Falmouth branch opening.

At times, staff have faced snags in keeping the operation running smoothly due to the sheer number of customers coming through the door, but David is keen to right the ship.

"It's the right problem to have," he says, "but you don't want to be letting people down."

That being said, customers have been praising the new restaurant online for its efficient service and quality food.

Our mystery diner was also impressed, giving the Falmouth joint a near-perfect rating and calling it a "classic combination of good food delivered in quick time".