Penryn's southern boundary will most likely be expanding into what is now Budock parish.

The current divide between the two parishes sits just north of the A39 and was drawn up before the bypass road was built in 1994.

In the ongoing Cornwall Community Governance Review, both Penryn Town Council and Budock Parish Council have suggested that the border be moved southwards to the A39, giving Penryn a new parcel of land.

Cornwall Councillor for Penryn East and Mylor John Symons recently had a meeting with Budock councillors to discuss the plans where both parties agreed that they were happy for Penryn to take over the land.

Penryn Town Council is also attempting to move its eastern boundary with Falmouth to include the site of the former Dales garage in exchange for the park and ride at Ponsharden, which is currently split between Falmouth and Penryn.

No Falmouth councillors attended the meeting so discussions about the eastern boundary were deferred.

Cornwall Council is currently reviewing town and parish council's submissions on boundary changes and will publish a draft of its recommendations on March 10 2020, after which members of the public will be able to comment on them through a consultation that will last until June.

The council aims to reorganise boundaries by September 2020.

An interactive map of existing ward boundaries can be found on Cornwall Council's website here:

More information about the Community Governance Review here: