ALMOST six years ago Michelle Ferminger's world was turned upside down.

Her shop, which she had bought three months earlier, was devastated by flooding on Christmas Eve after three days of continuous rain.

Today, Ponsanooth Village Stores is a picture of festivity, championing local craft and produce in every nook and cranny.

"Some may say it's a bit early but people like to be prepared for Christmas so from a business point of view, we have already set it up," said Michelle.

She hosted an opening evening last Monday (November 4), offering a mince pie and mulled wine to customers as she launched the shop's seasonal showpiece.

It is a veritable Santa's Grotto, with locally made decorations, Christmas trees from Flushing, ales from local breweries, Cornish cheeses and much more on offer.

It also includes a Post Office facility, which enables people to send items seven days a week. The shop also produces hampers which can then be sent from the Post Office as part of the service. It can also do bulk orders of pasties.

The shop took 11 months to repair after the 2013 flood, when sewage water foot-feet deep destroyed it.

"We have a plaque outside with the handprints of all the volunteers who helped me to rebuild it. It was a real community effort and that is what the shop continues to be," she added.

The Christmas makeover is now in its seventh year, but gets bigger and better each time.

Rather than torrential rain next month, maybe some of the white stuff would apply the finishing touches to Ponsanooth's very own winter wonderland.