Racist, anti-police and obscene graffiti was scribbled on the walls of a historic building in a lane used by schoolchildren.

Phrases such as "f**k the pigs," "cotton picking c*nts," and "f**king c**ns" were sprayed on walls near Marlborough House in Falmouth last night.

Dad Joseph Hope-Devereux came across the offensive vandalism this morning.

He said: "It's a regular route for most of the kids who go to Marlborough School. It's just disappointing to have to explain to a six-year-old what 'f**k the pigs' means."

Falmouth Packet:

Several people reported the incident to the police, who have been contacted for a comment.

If the offenders end up being caught, Joseph says they should be made to clean up walls.

Falmouth Packet:

He said: "It's a thing that takes a couple of seconds to do and it's probably done in a group where everybody's sort of egging each other on to do something, but I think if they had to sit there in the cold weather with a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush they'd realise what it takes to get rid of it."

Joseph said that in the meantime he has decided to clean the wall himself. 

Falmouth Packet:

Having lived in the area for more than 20 years, he says it's not the first graffiti he has come across.

He does say, however, that it is the first time he has seen racially-motivated language sprayed on the walls.