Falmouth's mayor has quit his party in the run-up to December 12's general election.

Councillor Steve Eva is now independent, preferring to focus on what is best for the town rather than being involved in national politics.

He said: "In this political turbulent time, you switch the TV on and everyone's sniping at everyone else. As the mayor of Falmouth I need to make decisions from a neutral base.

"I'm not really interested in what's happening in Westminster, just what's happening in Falmouth. I feel that if I'm not in a party I'm able to make decisions better for Falmouth.

"We're not really political at the town council, we're doing quite a good job as it is."

Councillor Eva denied that there was any falling-out with party members that caused him to quit, saying instead that he would simply rather focus on his mayoral duties.

He added: "As the mayor of Falmouth. I have got no real argument with any policies up in London, I just care about Falmouth.

"It doesn't matter who gets in in Westminster, they don't do anything for Falmouth.

"If you ask me who I'm going to vote for, I really don't know."