A sports club has vowed to report every case of dog walking on its fields for prosecution, saying the safety of players and children is at risk.

In a strongly-worded statement, Helston Rugby Club chairman Jason Bardell said it was “not acceptable” for anyone to have to lie down where a dog may have just urinated, or where there had been excrement – which was not always picked up.

He said: “It continues to distress us how many people continue to put our players and children at risk without any thought or consequence. This has to stop now.

“It is not acceptable to walk your dog in any capacity across any part of the rugby club’s fields, including the sides.

“We are not penalising the many because of the few. We are asking you to obey the law and stop our children from playing and laying in your pet’s excrement that you cannot always pick up and for all the urine you leave behind.

Falmouth Packet:

“It is not acceptable for you to ask our children, and in fact my children, to lay - which a fundamental part of the game of rugby - where your pet has just relieved itself. You would not do this yourself and I am sure you would not allow your children or grandchildren to do the same.”

There is a Public Spaces Protection Order in place that legally bans dogs from being taken on the rugby ground and enclosed play area of the King George V Playing Fields.

Anyone caught doing so is committing a criminal offence and can be given an instant £100 fine or prosecuted through the magistrates’ court, where they could be fined up to £1,000.

Mr Bardell added: “The King George V playing field is subject to a PSPO and any breach is against the law. It is now our intention to enforce this and report any and all infringements, and seek prosecution and fines.

“We are not failing you, it is Cornwall Council that is not providing you with the space. We are a not-for-profit community interest that is run by volunteers. Stop this now. No dogs allowed!”

To reinforce the message the club has put up billboards on the sides of the rugby field, spelling out in large letters “No dogs allowed.”

It follows a plea from the club back in January, over the same subject.

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