POLICE clocked no fewer than 33 speeding offences when they were out on patrol in Falmouth, Penryn and surrounding areas on Friday.

Working together with the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership (PRSP), the Roads Policing Team and Armed Response officers had a busy day.

Besides the 33 speeding offences, 31 of which were by the PRSP, officers dealt with the following:

* No insurance x 4

* Expired MOT x 4

* Driving otherwise than in accordance with licence x 1

* Careless driving x 1

* One vehicle stopped with cord exposed on all four tyres - this was issued with an immediate prohibition from the roads and the driver reported to court.

* Three vehicles seized for having no insurance, one of which had not been insured since February 2017.

* One vehicle seized for the driver not having a licence.

* Three reports were sent to the DVLA concerning untaxed vehicles being driven.

As they left the area, one of their unmarked cars was over taken at speed in Truro - the driver provided a positive roadside breath test and was arrested.

He blew over the limit in custody and has been charged with drink driving.