Tom Scott, the Green Party’s candidate for Truro and Falmouth, will be aboard a ‘Stop Brexit’ bus organised by the campaigning group Cornwall for Europe this week.

On Saturday the red double-decker bus will be in Truro – where Boris Johnson launched his Brexit battle bus tour in 2016.

Tom, who has been a committed campaigner with Cornwall for Europe for the past two years, said: “The bus will carry two banner messages: ‘Love Britain, Stop Brexit’, and ‘Save Our NHS, Stop Brexit’.

“Anyone who thinks the NHS is safe in his hands is ignoring two key facts. Firstly, our health service has been systematically underfunded since the Tories took office in 2010. Secondly, we know that US private healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations are already drooling at the prospect of getting their claws deeper into the NHS, and that their powerful lobbyists in Washington will insist that any trade deal with Trump will allow them to do just that.

“Brexit is already doing great harm our health service, which relies on more than 11,000 doctors and 31,000 nurses from EU countries – nearly one in five of all doctors and nurses. Since 2016 these skilled and dedicated staff have been leaving in large numbers. and around 100,000 NHS job vacancies are now unfilled – which means longer waiting times for patients and further stress on already overworked staff.

“The Green Party is clear: Brexit is a disaster for our country – for the NHS, for jobs, for workers’ rights and for the environment. It is nothing like what was promised in 2016, and the people need to be asked whether this unholy mess is really what they want.

“I have no doubt that when we finally get a People’s Vote, a substantial majority will reject Brexit and will be heartily glad to see the last of it. And I’m very glad that this bus, unlike the one Johnson waved his pasty from in 2016, will be telling people in Cornwall the truth.”

The Stop Brexit bus will be in Pydar Street in Truro at 10.30am on Saturday morning.