AN EMPLOYEE at Trago Mills had her scooter stolen while she worked in the Falmouth store.

Thieves took the dark grey 110cc Honda from Grove Place car park on Monday afternoon, approximately between 12pm and 5.30pm.

Her partner Alex Cooke told the Packet: "It was a Christmas present from her dad last year, so it's sentimental to her. She needs it for work - I work in Trago too but we don't do the same shifts so she's now going to have to walk in, sometimes in awful weather."

Alex is hoping that someone my have seen suspicious activity during the afternoon, which could lead to the identity of the thieves.

"She hadn't locked it but it's not the sort of thing you expect to happen in Cornwall. It's just such a shame because she'd passed her CBT licence and was really enjoying it for both work and leisure," he added.

Although his partner Kirstin did not finish work until 8pm on Monday, a work colleague had gone home at 5.30pm and had not recalled seeing the bike when he left.

The scooter, which has a registration number of WK64 NBD, was therefore probably taken in broad daylight.

"We really enjoyed going out on our bikes and driving around the Cornish roads. She even did the (Martin) Jennings Run with me on her previous bike which was only a 50cc - and she was planning to do it again next year on the Honda."

They have contacted police with details of the theft and anyone with information should call 101.

Alex has also called numerous bike stores in the county to alert them to the stolen scooter.

The engine number of the bike is JF31ES042724.

UPDATE AT 6PM: Kirstin's scooter has been found in the Meadowbank Road area of Falmouth, having suffered some damage.